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A new ruler has taken over me i.e. the city of Karachi . Another Sindhi feudal whose father was a corrupt politician as it could be . He has gotten a Stanford degree which I am sure was spent upon after the loot and plunder his father and PPP did with me since there is nothing much to loot in the interior Sindh and Karachi is the only Cash Cow the province has. The new CM also has an engineering degree from NED which was again obtained the draconian quota system . Sometimes, I wonder that as people from interior come and freely study in the various government institutes of Karachi . Can the same be expected from the universities in the interior. I guess not.

Now coming back to the new CM Mr. Murad Ali Shah who has made a lot of promises and acknowledged the impotent outgoing CM Qaim Ali Shah. For me, he is just nothing more than an old wine in a new bottle. The rhetorical speeches started to be seen from the new CM is a reminiscent of the wordy politics of PPP and their leadership.

The question is that whether the new CM allow operation in the interior Sindh. Everyone says that Karachi is more volatile. Yes, it would be because the scum of the whole country have migrated to the city in the last 7-10 years in the face of Talibans, Other religious extremists , nationalists and dacoits. People, who have Zero loyalty towards me but friends to the establishment in Pakistan and hence living freely without any consequences.

Recently, two Army men got killed in Karachi. Hell got unleashed on MQM. Though via some sources a faction of Taliban apparently accepted the responsibility of killing these men in the broad day light. The terrorists are evolving and this time both were wearing helmets . Wonder if these helmets were Urdu speaking as during murder of Amjad Sabri ; the mere picture spoke of the ethnicity of the killer. Than few days later an attack happens in the heart of Larkana on the Rangers and another Jawan dies. There we did not see any reaction towards the local political force i.e. PPP for whom the city is their Mecca but blame was laid upon Taliban by none other than the DG Rangers Sindh . Now, what double standards are these? Is there someone taking notice or we are under a dictatorship like we saw in Russia or in China and recently in Turkey ?

Lately, some missing workers of MQM got discovered from PSP office in Karachi. One of these workers got missing from UAE. Shamefully, whilst no international agency condemned this secret transportation of this worker without cause to Pakistan . At the same time his discovery from PSP’s office is testament of the fact that after almost 18 months nothing could be found as concrete against him but was kept under custody without cause and if he was guilty for the reason than why released. Another of their worker met the same fate. These released workers are very afraid to speak but one can see what kind of brutal treatment they would have faced under custody.

One other worker of MQM who got released spoke of his misery that how he was blind folded and kept in a 4 x 4 size cell for a few days without any access to lavatory and then later hung upside down for days with severe beating . Later given the famous stretch so that he loses his manhood. He was later released without any allegations but will suffer for life.

One other worker released complained that how his knee long shorts were tied at the knee and hung from the roof and rats were let in his shorts. Only when he agreed to the wrongful allegations the rats were let out . Then he was released without charge . Though free physically but tormented mentally for life.

Many such workers who suffered under the government of the current CM’s corrupt father , some of those who lost their lives. Today , when more are added to these numbers. I sometimes wonder what future would these hold . Will these men or boys or let me say workers or supporters of MQM can live normal lives . I guess not !

I sometimes wonder and ask this question of myself that the civil liberties which we moan about especially in the case of Kashmir . Why do we forget the same when it comes to Karachi? The question is that than if we are so loyal to the plebiscite of 1946 than why the brave of the brave of Pakistan are shut up on the issue of Hyderabad Deccan , Junagadh and Gurdaspur . Why only Kashmir ? Do they even know that the Kashmir which the Kashmiris are demanding would take away Islamabad and Murree as well . Why so much empathy with the few in Kashmir whilst none towards the posterity of the founder of Pakistan who live in millions in my heart (Karachi) ?

Why no justice ? Why no jobs ? Why no equal treatment ? Why seclusion? Why the carnage ? Why the accusations ? Why the tyranny ? Why the Hegemony ? I ask this of you today ; the establishment of Pakistan. Quaid e Azam who is buried in my chest ask you of this . Fatima Jinnah ask you of this . Liaquat Ali Khan ask you of this. The millions of those Muhajirs who migrated for Pakistan and sacrificed all. Ask you of this from their graves dug in my heart.

As for the new CM . All I can say that no degree from NED or Stanford would count . The only degree which matters would be from the Asif Ali Zardari Institute of Corruption which will count.

I am sure as there is no darkness for eternity. You would learn your lesson . As you all have kids and lives. Allah is for everyone . I would be avenged. My sons and daughters would be avenged. Pakistan would be avenged.