MQM-Hunger-Strike.jpgWhat would it take to get heard in Pakistan ? Think hard! It’s simple . You just need to be belonging to a lineage who did not chose to migrate in 1947 . Means simply a “Son of the Soil” . Means you belong to one of those ethnicities who chose not to side with Pakistan in 1947 and who later took control over the country over years of connivance and used religion and the threat of war as the tool to gain or consolidate power in Pakistan.

First , they took out the founders that is Quaid a Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan and I don’t believe that our establishment at that time had nothing to do with it. It is said whenever; a crime is committed. See who is the beneficiary of that crime ? Who else benefitted the most but a General whose name was Ayub Khan . The second part of the mission was to isolate the same community whose only claim to Pakistan was its sincerity to this nation . He took the capital to the little known village of Islamabad . Again, disenchanting the millions of Muhajirs. Leaving them to the hands of the corrupt feudals of Sindh. I wonder had our ancestors knew that Karachi which was the capital which they chose to reside being a federal territory would become under control of lesser capable people. Would they still have migrated and that too to Karachi ? I doubt.

Than the General started squeezing further both communities who had major stake on the country whilst on the Eastern part he labeled Mujib who ran the freedom movement for Pakistan on a bicycle as a Traitor or the Agent of RAW . On the western part he conveniently labeled Fatima Jinnah the very sister of the founder of the nation as an Agent of RAW and let his wolves loose on the Muhajir community ; the graves of whom are still present at Laloo Khet area of Karachi. This General than led an ambitious plan to hit India in Kashmir under Operation Gibraltar only to be humiliated and leading later to an unchallenged invasion of Lahore right into Pakistan. We celebrate today that we pushed the enemy back but did we ever ascertained the blame on those responsible for letting this happen in the first place .

It was another General under whom Pakistan split into two and he conveniently blamed the civilian leadership. The ironic part is that the leadership at that time did nothing to discard the notion in fact sheepishly embraced it . If was not the case than why Hamood ur Rehman commission report was not released .

It was another General who lost Siachen ; a post we are still trying to retrieve and have lost thousands of our sons trying to do so. The same General whilst reinforced the gift of Islamic radicalization of Pakistan where parties like Jamaat e Islami whose founder was anti Pakistan became Number One loyalist under his rule. He also scuttled the Khalistan Movement and so on.

The list is long and today when I reflect back I see only that whilst our politicians could have been corrupt the representatives of establishment were not sincere as well as successful. The question is have they learned their lesson. I guess not!

It was another General who in the 90’s advised the then Prime Minister of Pakistan that as Pakistan try to send militants into Kashmir ; India and RAW are going to go at Karachi and advised to conduct an operation and labeled the whole Muhajir generation as traitors or agents of RAW. The result a few days later ; some officers termed that operation as ill conceived & wrong. By the way in the mean time Pakistan lost the push in the Kashmir movement. I must due to their policies. They now became parents of Taliban in the 90’s.

It was another General who tried to use these in Kargil and found out later that you cannot win conflict using terrorists . Only to derail the effort and bringing significant embarrassment to the country. The same General in order to consolidate his power reached out to the Muhajir community in Karachi and made them an ally. Once someone asked him why so? He said that its critical to secure my supply lines and Karachi is the most critical one and what more do you need than to keep MQM on your side? True I guess!

Than it was another General trained at West Point who interestingly delayed his resignation though could have as his senior got an extension but took over probably under commitment to go into North Waziristan with his supporters but could only do so as 100 plus kids lost their lives in the tragic APS school attack. The ironic part is neither Taliban, neither the murderer of the Kids , neither the Haqqani Network and neither North Waziristan operation has seen an end. But is it possible as some in the same chain take them as our first line of defence. We must not forget what a former ISI chief who died last year reminded the nation time and again.

But something had to be done to keep the nation distracted from the core issue . Find an argument which is easy to conceive and force . What more to do than to go against the same Muhajir community who was a key ally in the formation of Pakistan, its start up and consolidation of Dictatorial governments in the past ? Blame it all on them. The operation under Pakistan Protection Ordinance or Operation Zarb e Azb was all converged on Karachi and Muhajir community . Yet again ; they are blamed as agents of RAW in Pakistan. Sadly when Talibans play football with the heads of our fallen soldiers and Baluch leaders openly chastisize Pakistan . Ironically, Muhajirs are the punching bags in times of today as Pakistanis forget about their core enemy in form of Islamic radicals and let their hatred of Muhajirs take over.

Tell me I am wrong. When you see Islamic radical organizations collecting funds openly. When you see them taking out rallies openly. When you see them doing lectures at our armed forces institutions . When you hear they are being called heroes by some former Generals. When you see their flags and banners and the only ones spreading throughout the city. Tell me that I am wrong to say that the blood of the martyred kids of APS have been wasted and Muhajir blood spilled and I wonder for what ?

What do I call this ? Apathy or Enemity or Hatred or Cleansing. Today; Muhajirs are being killed, arrested, fired and victimized while the rest of the world worries about Kashmir.

Pakistanis your own city burn. Don’t take this calm before storm as peace. Please stand up along with the posterity of those who formed this nation for justice. The killers of the 20,000 Muhajirs are scot free and not a single culprit brought to task.

Today; Muhajirs protest peacefully as their right in front of the Press Club of Karachi. Our Prime Minister or I don’t know if he is only of Punjab came to Karachi and didn’t bothered to placate them. He seems to be more worried about Kashmir and CPEC than Karachi & Baluchistan or maybe his own coffers . Some say ; that Muhajirs or their representative party has gone weak . I say they are rumbling underneath and the next outcome would be more symbolic.

Wonder ; will we ever learn? Never. I started this piece with the question how to get heard in Pakistan? The Bengalis got nothing with their peaceful movement. The Baluch got Zilch and Muhajirs continue to suffer . Why go far even the victims of Model Town Lahore who were all poor Punjabis are not going to get their justice? As we drive through Karachi . We see an invitation for a General to take over. I ask for what ? To create another monster as he leaves like we saw in the last four times ?

I beg or demand to the international community to ask Pakistan to stop selective ethnic genocide of Muhajirs in Pakistan and prove that they are loyal to world peace and take out the real enemy in form of Islamic radicals before the regions goes up in an unnecessary conflict to satiate the lust of a few Maulvis. Hoping for sanity, justice and peace.