They say that the Chapter of Altaf Hussein is closed . When I mean “they” it means those Pakistanis who are against the notion of changing the status quo. Looks like it would be a better Eid for many as the drum beating of patriotism is at its peak and yet again Muhajirs or Altaf Hussein are the punching bag. Suddenly, the chests are blown up and you could see that the steroid of Patriotism is yet again injected; the major dose going in those belonging to the bigger province and the after effects in the smaller ones amongst those who just want to live peacefully without becoming a statistic.

They tell us that if you love Pakistan . You must denounce Altaf Hussein & his band of traitors. I remember these words from Oscar Wilde “ Patriotism is the virtue of the Vicious” . Then again James Bryce an English Diplomat said it so well and applicable I guess in the present day Pakistan “ Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong” . Isn’t that the case in our country today. I feel that I do not need to denounce anyone on advise of any one unless I am sure that those asking me are themselves 100% patriots as I see none of them so themselves.

They adopt double standards when they choose to denounce a certain set of Pakistanis as traitors whilst they choose to ignore those who they feel more connected to. Recently , Mahmud Achakzai said almost the same as what Altaf Hussein said on August 22nd , 2016. But lately we saw no action happening against him as he is perceived as a critical bridge between Pashtun-Afghans-Pakistan. Later ; even a prominent General was seen in pictures with a smile . Wonder why what Achakzai said was true, ignored or hypocritically perpetrated to be said by those who desire the same but can’t say it themselves.

They ignore those who threat National institutions with Dharna. They call those who martyred hundreds of our soldiers, thousands of our civilians and maimed thousands of both not as Traitors but as Naraaz Brothers. They are yet to denounce who attacked and destroyed billions worth of military machinery right under the noses and in the bases ; causing huge loses of our exchequer . They forget to denounce the two ruling parties leaders one of which i.e. Benazir Bhutto who wrote to US Senate to impose sanctions on Pakistan when she lost her government and Nawaz Sharif who wrote to even India when he was thrown out of power in Oct 1999 coup. They keep quiet on ANP’s Wali Khan family who from inception of Pakistan was against Pakistan due to their close allegiance to Congress party of India and till date as Afsandyar Wali continues calling himself as Afghan instead of Pakistani. They out of hypocrisy since they need Baluchistan so direly for CPEC are afraid to brand the Bugti & Co as traitors as they threatened to attack Islamabad during Benazir’s first government with Scud Missiles. The list is long. Looks like the Patriotic bunch of Pakistanis have forgotten to denounce these all.

Then let’s not forget to ask humbly the question from the same Pakistanis and their opinions when some of the most of the politicians of Punjab loot & plunder Pakistan vide tax evasion , corruption and selling at lesser the nation . What about them? Are they patriots ? Maybe the same Pakistanis who choose to call Altaf Hussein & his supporters as traitors are beneficiaries of the same plunder but choose that chanting a slogan is a bigger crime than plundering the nation.

Let me give you an excerpt from the book written by Altaf Hussein “My life’s journey” (earlier written in Urdu and translated later into English version) “ My family loved Pakistan with fervor and passion and, from a very tender age, they had inculcated a deep sense of patriotism within me. I remember clearly my feelings in 1965 when Pakistan and India went to war. I must have been about 11 years old and then my emotional involvement in the war was tremendous . I used to listen attentatively to the news on the radio. It was my earnest desire to somehow join the army and go to the battlefront though, of course, I was too young at that time for my wish to be realized” (Page 5-6) . Later Altaf Hussein enrolled as a Volunteer in the 1971 war and was ready to sacrifice his life as a Pakistani proudly.

Lately, General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf raised a valid question. Let me now reiterate that when Gen Musharraf ruled the country and was in alliance with MQM and of course its leader Altaf Hussein. He was a sitting Army Chief of Pakistan Army which today brandishes Altaf Hussein of having contacts with RAW in the past. Mr. Musharraf raised a very valid question and I quote “ The question we need to ask is what has disenchanted Altaf Hussein?”

Yes, the real question . Was it the multiple arrests and persecution he faced when he was developing MQM in the late 80’s? Was it the massacres of Qasba Aligarh and then Hyderabad of whose perpetrators were never arrested or tried whilst in the former incident there was Martial law in Pakistan? Was it the wrongful operation of 92 accusing MQM and its leader of Sedition? Was it the extra judicial murder of thousands of MQM workers? Was it the torture and persecution of the many folds more over decades? Was it the stab in the back of Establishment which have time and again tried to divide Muhajir vote bank by creating players like PSP and Haqiqi or other players like Lyari Aman Committee to target Muhajirs? Was it the in apathy of the Establishment towards the mandate of Muhajirs, their rightful demands of having equal stake in the governance ? Was it the continued persecution and one sided operation against MQM though it all began with the plea of targeting Taliban and MQM supported vehemently only to see the repeat of 92? Was it the denial of justice? Was it the continuous targeting of Muhajirs let it be Hussain Haqqani, Dr Asim and Shoaib Sheikh (none of them belonging to MQM) or was it the imposition of Free speech on Mr. Altaf Hussein and political activities of MQM ? Which of these caused him to lose his patience and came out with such an extreme posture against the same country he loved all his life, strived & sacrificed for?

Altaf Hussein wanted MQM Pakistan from Day one. Because he did not want to only rescue persecuted Muhajirs but also the 98% Pakistanis under hold of the same bunch of Pakistanis who today chant patriotism but their forefathers were supporting anti Pakistan movements in 1940’s. Whilst Altaf Hussein’s forefathers and mine were struggling for Pakistan. No one can take Pakistan and its love out of our hearts . It’s ours. I repeat Pakistan is ours. It’s of Altaf Hussein . It’s of his followers no one can snatch that right away as you snatch our other rights. Right to live, right to speak , right to earn, right for die. No one can take it away.

I will stop supporting Altaf Hussein when you will give me those equal rights as another Pakistani. Till that time if you just keep on persecuting me that is “Karachi” and its true sons. I will support him till I get that justice. Till I get my rights. Altaf Hussein in my view as Karachi had this outburst due to his frustration seeing himself and his people pushed to the wall. Pakistan as a mother need to heal its loving son and his followers . We all love Pakistan. These sons did not just chant slogans but built this country with their sacrifice, blood & sweat . Pakistan the Mother would need to heal its sons of Karachi including its pride – Altaf Hussein in the interest of Pakistan. We must learn from our past mistakes and heal together.

I feel strongly Altaf Hussein’s ideology is just not that of a leader but is similar to Quaid e Azam’s vision of Pakistan. Hence I as city of Karachi & its sons support him for supporting the vision of Quaid e Azam; the reason bulk of us migrated to the city where the country’s founder was born and buried.