I have stopped protesting . I have decided not to protest in Pakistan. Yes! true I have decided to give up my democratic right. My constitutional right. My religious right to stand against oppression. I have decided it’s not worth it. I have realized that the best way to live and survive in this nation is to follow the status quo. Stop asking questions. Stop challenging the narrative. Stop crying. Stop being sane and stop and just stop. Sshhhh!

Yes, that’s how they want this to be. Quiet! No one dare to speak. No one dare to raise their thoughts. The interpretation is simple. God has given you a Life and One Life . Respect it! Go out and work and earn if you are able to find a job without impact of nepotism or lack of respect of merit. Come home if you can alive or in one piece in case you are lucky of not becoming a victim of terrorism, loot or hegemony by a few. When you come home ; you are given an opportunity to eat , sleep and watch TV and choose to agree with what many TV anchors define to you what is right and what is wrong. If you agree it’s great. If you don’t. We don’t care. Just get on with it. If you have running electricity or water enjoy it. If you don’t who cares. If your streets are full of garbage . You are just investing your garbage in running of future planned garbage fuelled power stations and in addition you get free aroma. If you don’t like all this than we don’t care . People live in garbage as you vote for them so now learn to live with it .

You pay taxes. What is the big deal? It’s your religious and civil duty. It’s our choice if we give you safety, security, roads, hospitals and schools. You must understand that we too have family to feed . If we give everything to you all. What are we going to be left with? Learn the meaning of happiness and yes learn to meditate . Close your eyes and imaging you are in a city which is clean, with water and electricity and everyone is living peacefully as real life is definite and imaginary life is Free and you can enjoy as often as you like. Your paid taxes is your duty to ensure that our kids go to foreign universities , my wife can do shopping at expensive outlets, I must have a few cars in my multi millions rupee worth house in the poshest parts of the country. It’s your responsibility to ensure that I get all this. I am lucky as many don’t catch me or share the perks of being a hard working public servant. You civilians don’t understand how difficult it is to manage you morons . It takes a toll on us and hence we need to go on foreign trips and relax and that is why we need all this bank balance because going every year and staying in a hotel is expensive so we must have enough cash to fly there and better we own a Chalet or an apartment so that we don’t need to worry . The earliest we are capable of doing so ; the earliest we would stop looting and plundering you. You morons need to learn this fact that all of you are doing public service.

You must learn that your core responsibility is to dance and live for us and sometimes die too. Make sure you elect politicians who in return keep us in power. What do you expect from us ? We have spent so much to get these posts and positions. Sometimes we end up spending entire fortunes to reach here. We are not in this for charity. We need to recover what we have invested . So what if you pay us back in bribes and taxes . You are doing your civil duty.

Yes, we can’t give you housing schemes. But we have given you cheap graveyards. Go to the west ; you would spend millions on getting a decent grave and a funeral. Here we are providing this service at a dirt cheap price. Why do you complain ?

You all want to live in this world with all its hardships, competition, pain and expenses. We make your life easy by taking it away from you. We have established a system of random executioners who would come now and often and get you rid off your worldly misery . After all its all about after life why do you worry about your current life so much. We have developed a system to help you all with that . Still you complain. What’s wrong with you all? Thankless bunch.

We are sick and tired of you all asking us every day to clean up your cities . What do you think that we spent so much on getting selected or elected to become garbage collectors. How moronic of you all? We are supposed to be only collectors of your monies and fortunes. Do you all got it? We collect garbage . Are you all insane?

What is this Panama Leaks ? What were you expecting that we pay for all the expenses to buy everyone in the world to keep us in power by my own money? You all are so expensive. Each of you want to luxury plots , cars, trips etc etc. It’s because of you that we need to generate alternate ways of creating funds to fund you all. After all steel mills don’t generate gold and dad could do that much. Had to be innovative and not make it obvious like the feudals with big moustaches and complete head of hair and a in some case girly voices to rip you all off. After all there should be a benefit of the high end education we have received courtesy of you all. If we do it in an easier way than you will call us imbeciles and think that your investments got wasted. How come you all stupid’s don’t realize that we are doing this all for you?

We can go on and on. This will never end. Your whining will never end. So just live up each day whilst you can or you can watch dead people in evening news sometimes with their limbs tied. If you all don’t change yourself. We will ban everything . We will ban Facebook , we will ban youtube, we will ban twitter, we will ban internet and then you all will die of boredom by watching PTV and listening to press conferences and tribal dances . You know what we are talking about. Boredom is a bigger penalty for all of you. So better be in your senses. We have given you Imran Khan to enjoy. Haven’t we. Enjoy him whilst you can at your own cost. He organizes free concerts, free comedy and free drama. What else you need ? Infact why do you need anything else. We are deciding in consultation with a few brothers (you know who ; the ones with long beards) to make you all fall in line. Its time you all learn your lesson. Time and again for the last 70 years we have been telling you that Quaid e Azam is dead apart from being on currency and you all are orphans. Better start living like ones.

So more whining you will do than we will make you unleash Dr Aamir Liaquat too on you who will pass edicts against you and make your life miserable. So better fall in line. Now be like good citizens . Don’t get over excited with the freedom as per constitution. It’s all there for your reading consumption only. We define what you will do. We will decide who is a hero and who is a zero. So better get it.

This is more than I could have explained to you all. If you all can’t understand the writing. Go take a few classes in online courses of AIOU than you will understand as I have done so successfully. Instead of worrying about your rights. Only worry about American Sundi its fast catching up with the crops and us too. Have to go. Shut up and worry about you have and not about the many things you don’t.

Take Care you all Cry Babies.